Thursday, February 9, 2017

Eyelid Surgery in Seattle WA

hi this is Dr purchase in Seattle today we're talking about cosmetic eyelid surgery some patients undergo both upper and lower lid surgery and some patients undergo just the uppers or just the lowers but it really depends upon the presenting issues the goal for upper eyelid surgery is to remove the hooded excess skin that's usually touching the eyelashes on the upper lids the goal primarily for the lower leagues is to remove the fat bags are the hotness on the lower ledge creating the tired look the incision for the uppers is located directly in the eye lid crease while the lower eyelid surgery incision is placed on the inside of the islands also known as a transcontinental approach when patients have additional excess skin present on the lower lids and external incision at the lash line is performed and tissue glue is used to close that incision for more examples please see our website at The Seattle Facial Plastic Surgery Center

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