Thursday, June 4, 2020

Rhinoplasty For Teens

When you are a parent of a teen with the time to go to a plastic surgeon, there are a number of possible rhinoplasty options for the face. While rhinoplasty is not generally considered an option for teenagers, there are some specific factors that make it an ideal procedure for teenagers. If you are considering rhinoplasty for teens, it is important to understand the process and the advantages and disadvantages of this type of surgery. It is important to note that most adolescents have large nasal bones and large cartilages that require the procedure. Because plastic surgeons have worked hard to find more appropriate ways to reconstruct noses, the cost of the procedure is typically quite a bit higher than that for adults. This is because the weight of the nose, cartilage and nasal bones cannot be carried by one person as easily as it can be in the case of an adult. Most surgeons recommend a nose job for teens at some point in their lives. The reason is that most teenagers do not develop full or satisfactory faces, and they will benefit from additional features such as full cheeks, a more pleasing and aesthetically appealing nose and improved cheekbones. There are two types of nose jobs for teens - the horizontal and vertical rhinoplasty. The horizontal rhinoplasty is the operation that begins with the nose being stretched into the correct position. With the horizontal rhinoplasty, a tiny flap of skin is created to widen the nose and flatten the area beneath it. After this, a new bone is placed behind the cartilage of the nose and a small incision is made at the level of the forehead. This incision creates a nose that is wider than normal oval shap eand at the same time, it is elongated and looks better. Once this has been done, the nose may be stitched in place and stitches may need to be removed if the youngster grows. Vertical rhinoplasty is an operation that removes the tissue that usually envelopes the base of the nose and attempts to create a new shape for the nose. A new nasal bridge is created through the creation of a new sinus cavity and the removal of tissue. During the operation, the doctor will either close up the nostrils or remove them completely. After the tissues are removed, the nose is reshaped and scar tissue may form. With this type of rhinoplasty, you may hear people say that it resembles a 'pleather' nose and this is because the nasal bones are created by creating a mock bone. After the nasal bones are created, the skin and cartilage are gluing in place to create the new shape. One of the greatest benefits of having a nose job for teens is that the chance of infection is much less. These procedures are also safer because they avoid the risk of surgery introducing foreign bodies into the body. The next time you are considering a nose job for teens, it is important to understand that this type of surgery is not generally recommended for teenagers. This is because the young face has the largest portion of the nose that requires reconstruction.

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